Swell X Strandhill: A morning of chats and bants

SwellXStrandhill took place in the Draft House on 25 September, 2018 with a packed audience of tourism business folks attending. Even better on this occasion we had plenty of non-commercial locals attending who wanted to contribute to the discussion about how to balance the future of tourism growth in Strandhill / Coolera without having a negative impact on the community.

See all the photos on Facebook here.


Cllr Sinead Maguire speaking at Swell

Swell organiser Aoife PorterCillian Murphy speaking at Swell

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Swell Sligo listed on new Design Island app


Swell Sligo is included in a new app called Design Island that has been launched with the aim of helping tourists as well as Irish people to discover and experience the best of Irish design. Read More »

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Swell Summit Video

The Swell Summit took place on January 31st in Sligo Airport.


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A Swell Day

helloHow to articulate the feeling of positivity from yesterday? We might just have to do a little dance.

Sligo’s chest has definitely puffed out a little from our conference in an airport beside the sea. Hopefully this is just the beginning and anybody who was there will get to say “I was at the first Swell Summit”. Read More »

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Swell Lunchtime Workshops

There are plenty of serious talks at the Swell Summit. At lunchtime we will have some nice grub and plenty of opportunities for you to just hang out.

However, just in case you fancied learning something new, we have a few lunchtime workshops on offer. They’re also a nice filler if you don’t like the networking thing.

Each workshop will last 10-15 minutes and you can sign-up on Saturday morning for them. Read More »

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Swell Summit FAQs

Are Swell Summit tickets still available?
No: we are completely oversubscribed and have 70+ waitlisters. At this stage we are advising people who don’t have a ticket that your best option is to sign-up for our newsletter for further 2015 Swell events. Do not come to the airport on Saturday if you don’t have a confirmed ticket via Eventbrite.

Can I drop-in for a few sessions even if I don’t have a ticket?
Eh no. Sorry. Read More »

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Swell Summit 5*5 Call Out

5*5You may have noticed from our Schedule that we have a number of 5*5 slots?

In each of the Web, Creative and Start-up streams we have a 5*5 session where 5 attendees get 5 minutes each to pitch an idea, plug your business or just go on a rant.

We are now seeking applications from attendees for these 15 slots. It doesn’t have to be a TED Talk so don’t worry about a slick presentation. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase yourself to a very supportive and influential audience.

Want in? Email your 5*5 proposal in 100 words or less to hello@swellsligo.com before next Wednesday, 21 January.

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The Swell Summit

Swell SummitThe Swell Summit is a free day-long event for the web, creative and start-up communities in the North West taking place on Saturday, 31 January, in Sligo Airport.

With a blend of keynote speakers, workshops and informal ‘notworking’ activities, the Swell Summit is designed to spark collaboration and inspire individuals to execute their ideas. Read More »

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Pink Lime Promo Video Offer


Video is the best medium if you want to get your business and/or product showcased in its strongest light. A 90-second promo video on your homepage will attract strong traffic to your site and give you the opportunity to show your potential clients exactly what you do/create.

Our video partner Pink Lime Videos, who shot the beautiful videos from our Supper Clubs, is running an exclusive promotion for Swell Sligo members.

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CONNECT Supper Club Highlights

The Connect Supper Club took place on May 29th in Shells Café. Lots of smiley faces on a very beautiful summer’s evening.

Once again, we are grateful to our Video Partners, Pink Lime Videos for this great short video they have put together.

Read More »

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